Strong Teeth and Healthy Gums for Life

Strong Teeth and Healthy Gums for Life

Who doesn’t like to have strong, healthy teeth and gums? But we all know that having and maintaining healthy teeth and healthy gums isn’t an easy task. We’ve been hearing our mothers and other elders shouting on us to eat properly, chew properly, and clean our mouth and brush before you sleep, but do we really know why it is all important? 

The gums are made up of soft skin that covers the bones of the teeth. The tissue forms a protective layer around the teeth to support the bones and provide a barrier against bacteria, thereby ensuring strong teeth and healthy gums. In order to keep our teeth strong and gums healthy, the formation of plaque should be prevented. Plaque refers to a sticky deposit on teeth in which bacteria proliferate. 

aquawhite, one of the largest manufacturer and wholesaler of oral care products in India, aims at providing everyone with strong teeth and healthy gums. To serve everyone’s need, aquawhite manufactures several types of toothbrushes, which soothe everyone brushing requirement. These toothbrushes come up with ultra-soft bristles for your teeth, tongue cleaner to give you a fresh breath and a comfortable grip for better control. 

Strong and healthy teeth and gums give you freedom and confidence to eat and drink whatever you want. It prevents pain and discomfort, gives you a fresher breath and a better overall health. Also, it relieves you from visiting your dentists quite often. 

aquawhite is the dentists’ recommended oral care brand. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes for keeping your teeth and gums strong and healthy. Therefore two minutes is the ideal time for brushing your teeth. 

Strong and healthy teeth and gums is not a far-fetched dream anymore. Follow some basic dental care tips and practices to achieve and maintain strong and healthy teeth and gums. 

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Strong and healthy teeth and gums can be obtained by following the simple maths given below:

(1) One Brush.

(2) Two times a day for two minutes.

(3) Change your brush after every 3 months.