Dr. Clove

aquawhite clove

Sick of the expensive oral care products and costly dental treatments? Fret not; clove will be your new doctor! Clove has endless benefits for your oral health. You’ll definitely be surprised to know about the magical powers a clove has that can help your mouth in various ways. Check these facts out:

Toothache: Clove has been used since ages for oral care, it is also known for its ability to numb even the most intense toothache as clove prevents the healthy tissues in your mouth from getting damaged.

Mouth Ulcer: Sometimes gastric problems give rise to mouth ulcers. If you’ve got mouth ulcers, mix a tablespoon of clove oil in warm water and gargle with it twice a day. This will relieve you from mouth ulcers in a very short span of time. Clove contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that helps to kill germs and infections.

Mouth Freshener: The anti-bacterial property of clove gives you a fresh breath instantly. Just dilute a couple of clove oil drops with a couple of peppermint essential oil along with half a tablespoon of stevia extracts, put it in a small spray bottle and keep it handy. Spray the mixture in your mouth and spend the entire day with fresh breath.

Fights Cavities: Just dip a cotton ball in some clove oil and keep on the affected area before going to sleep for a few days. Your cavity will disappear in no time. It actually works!

Baby Gums: Clove oil is very good for the gums of babies. As growing teeth can be very painful for infants, clove oil can be of a great help, for it reduces their pain and help them sleep well.

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