aquawhite’ the oral care brand from the stable of JHS Svendgaard Brands Limited is one of the leading names within the segment in India. Realising the need for innovative toothbrush and toothpaste in the kids oral care space, JHS Svendgaard Brands has decided to launch premium toothbrush and toothpastes for kids. Keeping this concept in mind, the company took the rights of nine characters and which the company plans to use in their toothbrush & toothpaste offerings and launch a complete series for kids, going on to give them an extensive choice.

Idea behind the new launch

As we know, kids these days love to be associated with their favourite heroes or cartoon characters in some manner or the other. So having a ‘Chota Bheem’ song playing in ones brush while brushing or a ‘Pokemon’ with a flickering light or a ‘Bagheera’ popping up each time the kid is ready to brush, makes the task of brushing a fun time for kids.

Also the idea behind the innovation and out of the box features being included in a toothbrush comes from the simple education that we received when we were children – Brush for 2 minutes and 2 times a day and which, ‘aquawhite’ realises that there is a need to inculcate this habit in the young guns today keeping the busy schedule that each one has. Hence the theme – ‘2 Minutes 2 Times a Day’.
The launch also reiterates ‘aquawhite’ brand positioning – ‘Daanto ka Life Insurance’, a promise which we give to the users - if you are brushing with ‘aquawhite’ then your teeth is insured for life.

Also, why a cartoon character being used then the answer is quiet simple. Each one of us, even the kids like to follow their heroes and hence these characters in the toothbrush and toothpaste.


1. Chota Bheem
2. Hello Kitty
3. Pokemon
4. Angry Birds
5. Shiva
6. Paw Patrol
7. Jungle Book
8. Sponge Bob Sq. Pants
9. Shimmer and Shine
10. Peppa Pig

Features in the toothbrush

1. Musica
2. Flash
3. Face Sticker
4. Colour Mold
5. Power Brush
6. Figure
7. Timer

Flavors in toothpaste

1. Strawberry Burst
2. Strawberry
3. Double Bubble
4. Chill Gum
5. Sweet Bubble