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aquawhite™ Interdental Brush (Pack of 10)

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Product Description
It reaches the corner where a toothbrush cannot reach. It removes plaque like a pro from the braces, bridges and tight spaces between the teeth. An interdental brush is an ultimate choice, designed to reach the minute spaces.
Key Features
      – Remove plaque from braces, dental bridges, & gaps between the teeth
      – Reach every space between the teeth
      – Prevent Cavities
      – Handy to use

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aquawhite™ Interdental Brush helps remove plaque from braces, dental bridges, and tight spaces between the teeth. It is designed to reach the smallest spaces, thereby giving an effective cleaning to teeth and keeping them healthy.
 – The hold is like a pen/pencil while looking into the mirror.
 – Use the brush between two teeth in a manner that doesn’t damage your gums.
 – Move the brush back and forth gently between the teeth a couple of times.
 – Wash after use.
 – Ask your dentist for guidance, if required.
 – Replace it when the bristles wear out.
 – Don’t force the head of the interdental brush into narrow spaces between the teeth.
 – Keep out of children’s reach


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