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Sensokare Toothpaste (Pack of 2)

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  • aquawhite™ sensokare soothes and forms a guarding shield around teeth providing quick relief from pain and long-term total protection against sensitivity.
  • Builds increasing protection against sudden shocks of pain sensitivity.
  • Proven for relief and daily protection for sensitive teeth that provide quick relief within 2 weeks.
  • Toothpaste has an energizing and revitalizing taste that leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clear.
  • aquawhite™ sensokare, the latest defense again tooth sensitivity works by plugging the unprotected microscopic canals to block the tooth sensitivity.

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aquawhite™ sensokare, powered by powerful K+ Potassium protection gives total protection against sensitivity. Sensokare relieves sensitive teeth by strengthening your teeth and gums against unprotected microscopic canals. It recedes the sharp pain from cold/hot/sweet/ sour food by building a total protective layer. aquawhite™sensokare also has a cool flavor that shall leave you with a refreshing breath. About Sensitivity – When our teeth make contact with something hot/cold/sour/sweet, sensations are direct to the center causing Sensitivity. aquawhite™ sensokare works by plugging the canals to block the tooth sensitivity. Switching to a sensitivity specialized toothpaste, aquawhite™ sensokare, can make a big difference in not only your enjoyment of everyday life but in your overall oral hygiene and health.


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