Aquawhite™ Chhota Bheem Strawberry Toothpaste

Every kid is a fan of chocolates, candyfloss, candies and all the other types of treats, especially if they are strawberry flavored. But you DON’T want to give these treats to your kids because of the fear of spoiling their oral health. Now just imagine, a strawberry flavored, tasty toothpaste that will fight all the oral problems like tartar, plaque, stains and germs washing off any chances of cavities or other oral health care problems. Isn’t it great? 

aquawhite™ has introduced Chhota Bheem Strawberry Toothpaste, something that your kids are sure to love. The yummy tasting fluoride free toothpaste is the best-suited toothpaste for tender gums and is extremely effective in the removal of tooth problems starting from stains to accumulation of germs. The 80 grams tube of the Chhota Bheem Strawberry Toothpaste is sure to prompt your kids to brush their teeth happily and willingly.

The long lasting freshness, taste and the protection it gives to the sensitive teeth of kids is promising in all aspects. The best part about this toothpaste is that it’s fluoride free, which means that it will not cause any harm to the kids even if they swallow it by mistake while brushing their teeth. The anti-bacterial and anti-cavity formula of the toothpaste also boosts the immunity of the entire mouth resulting in long hours of protection.

Not only this! The attractive Chhota Bheem design on the toothbrush is designed according to the likability of the kids and will prompt them to brush their teeth on their own. It is best suited for kids aged 2-14 years as it also helps in the tightening of the gums, and inside-out cleaning of the teeth. The Strawberry flavor and mesmerizing fragrance of the toothpaste is perfect against sour taste of the mouth and bad-breath, which makes it even more capable of being loved by the kids.

All in all, starting from the fluoride free composition to the amazing taste and fragrance, from effective protection against oral problems to the economic price, the Chhota Bheem Strawberry is one solution for all the problems related to the oral health of kids.

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