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aquawhite™ Active Clean Toothbrush with FREE Tongue Cleaner (Pack of 12)

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Product Description
Aquawhite active clean toothbrush comes with an angular bristle tip that removes even the hardest stains, leaving a pearly white finish. Experience the long-lasting freshness with the excellent non-slip thumb grip, super soft central circular end-rounded bristles, and the slender neck which reaches even the last tooth.
Key Features
      – Super soft central circular end-rounded bristles
      – Non-slip thumb grip
      – Slender neck
      – Removes stains to give a pearly finish
      – Free Tongue Cleaner

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aquawhite™ Active Clean aquawhite™ has an innovative design that provides safe & superior cleaning experience. It has an angular bristle tip that reaches every tooth to provide a superior clean feel. Its central circular end-rounded bristles are effective in cleaning surface stains from your teeth. The thin slender neck of this toothbrush reaches even the last tooth to clean each and every corner of your mouth effectively. The non-slip thumb grip provides excellent control while brushing to prevent any kind of tooth or gum damage. aquawhite™ is the dentist’s recommended number one oral care brand.


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